Roof Maintenance

Experts at Work

Wind & Hail damage

The damage that can be done to the roof from hail and wind can cause dangerous problems in the future, as the roof will simply collapse. If the roof is not properly maintained after heavy hail and wind, future repair will cost you a pretty penny.

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Roof Inspection

Roof maintenance is one of the most important concerns for homeowners. In the end, missed repairs can be expensive and you will have to pay several times more.
To avoid costs, this requires periodic roof maintenance.
Here we can help.

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Roof Replacement

Yes, sometimes it’s just necessary.
The roof ages very quickly in hot and humid climates. But you shouldn’t be afraid of it. We will offer you the best materials and the best prices. As a result, you will be satisfied with the quality of our work.

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Roof Maintenance

Why is it important?

Be Protective

If you invested a lot in roof repair wouldn’t you want it to be protected?

Periodic maintenance helps homeowners keep roofs in good condition and avoid over-costing repairs due to overlooked minor repairs.

Peace of mind

All agree that it is advisable to periodically check the roof for damage.

We employ people who know how to do periodic roof maintenance so that the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about the condition.


Spending a little on roof maintenance saves a lot of money.

People often think that periodic maintenance is expensive. It is not true. Call us and you will be convinced that the cost of your peace of mind is so low that you will be very surprised.

Price & Guarantee

As part of the maintenance program, you will have a special price for repairs.

Participation in the maintenance program is very beneficial for a homeowner because if you need roof repairs in the future, you will have a special price and an extended warranty.


Order Maintenance

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What you will have:

1. The chimney will be inspected by a chimney sweep that has been certified by the Chimney Sweep Institute of Milky Way (CSIMW). As you know, a clogged chimney can cause a fire.
2. All ventilation devices such as turbines and fans will be checked for damage and functionality. We will also check the attic for excessive moisture.
3. The roof and the attic will be checked for insects or animals. Animals can eat the cables, which could cause a fire. Insects can attack your family members and ruin your life in that house.
4. All pipe boots will be checked for cracks and signs of wear and immediately repaired.
5. We will remove debris from roofs, gutters, and downpipes, including leaves and tree branches. Roof debris allows water to accumulate under the shingles, resulting in leaks.